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Baltimore Skywalks Being Demolished

One of my favorite posts about the downtown Baltimore skywalks (here) was timely- I recently learned some of these antiquated but cool urban features are being demolished soon.  Here are three articles about this:

Baltimore City to Demolish Skywalks

City Set To Demolish Skywalk

Baltimore Readies for $2M Skywalk Demolition

The city wants to get pedestrians down to retail (read: sell you crap) street level.  While I understand this desire, it sure was nice to float above the busy streets without waiting for lights or dodging the dangerous Baltimore drivers on the street.  I’ll miss them, and glad I took the pictures and documented their existence before they are removed forever.  RIP.

Where’s Waldo?



Just a couple updates on activities the past few months- I relocated from Baltimore, MD to the San Francisco bay area, CA earlier in the year, got a new job as a computer consultant (at Avanade), and settled into the lovely California weather.  I won’t miss those blistering, sweaty Baltimore summers or shoveling snow while freezing my butt off 🙂

Unfortunately, the process of selling houses, moving, finding new places to live, and getting a job is still pretty old school and I was constantly amazed how inefficient some of those activities are in today’s computer age.

Things move pretty fast here in Silicon Valley (although I’m actually living in Oakland) and I found the skill level of people and the technology people use beyond what I’m used to.  Time to accelerate the training videos and reading.  Already the .NET 4.0 Microsoft exams are being retired around July 2013 and I’ve found myself scrambling to figure out the best direction to pursue- say focused on web technologies or Windows 8 development,  then there’s all the tablet and mobile platforms to consider.  There are tons of meet-up groups and start-ups in the area and hard to decide on how to allocate precious time.

I’ll post an update on how my Windows Phone 7 app PickFlicks is doing soon.

Thanks for your patience.